Canadians Are Lucky Compared To Americans

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by David Ursino

Vaughan real estate agent David Ursino video blogs about the American recession and mortgage meltdown.

Hey everybody, David Ursino talking to you about Vaughan real estate as always. I just got back from a family vacation in Florida and in Disney and it was really interesting to see Florida and the people that live there nowadays – after the recession, after the mortgage meltdown.

There’s really a strong sense of unhappiness, of distrust of government, of banks; people are just really unhappy. It’s hard to find work, a lot of people have had to switch careers and they’re just taking any job they can get because the unemployment rate is so high.

There was one plaza in Fort Myers, where in the whole plaza, all the stores in it were closed except for one grocery store. So you can imagine an expansive plaza with only one grocery store in it. People are really upset down there, and I get that. It boils down to fraudulent activity by the bankers that really set forth one of the biggest recessions the States have ever had. It affected us slightly, things are back to normal here, but the point I’m trying to make is that we’re lucky to live in Canada. We have a sound financial system with strong banks, the real estate market is still doing well, people are still buying and selling, people are still employed, people are working, people are happy.

It was interesting to see in the States where really it’s the land of the dreams and people have a lot of hope – I didn’t see that this time around. People weren’t very happy, people didn’t have a lot of hope…so the point I’m making is that we’re lucky to live in Canada, we’re lucky to be where we are and to have the economy that we still have. So we’re very lucky and we should appreciate that.

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